Jam Key Jam Live at Colorado College Packard Hall.

Colorado College, Packard Hall Sep 1 2016 – Jam key Jam once again proved that  music is a universal language connecting every color, ethnicity and background.

This concert was beautifully organized by Music Department of Colorado College. The audience which included students, music professors, faculty members from CC and general public open heartedly accepted, enjoyed and connected to the unique genre of music that Jam Key Jam presented.

Artists Nabin Shrestha and Bijay Shrestha started the evening with a rendition of beautiful Raga Madhuwanti set to tala Rupak (7 beats rhythm cycle) which left the audience spell bounded. The genre of music has a centuries-long history, both Nabin and Bijay with their skills and musicality won their reputation appealing to all generation and the musicians from different genre.

Nabin and Bijay known as Jam key Jam later on joined by Guitarist Ajar Shrestha to perform some of the traditional Nepalese melodies and their original tunes.

The last track of the show was rather unique representation of how western drumming can beautifully accompany, hindustani classical without harming its tradition. Gilly Gonzales who is a well known drummer/percussionist beautifully accompanied Jam Key Jam and demonstrated how seamlessly  western drumming can integrate the language of tabla.

To close, the artists enjoyed performing in front of  an audience who are musically educated, music professors, students and enthusiasts as much as audience enjoyed the traditional rendition of Raga and fusion music.

Colorado College also hosted a workshop for Music faculty students earlier that day. Please see the link below for pictures and updates.

Aum School of Music workshop at Colorado College.

Here is the small video clip of one of our originals. Sorry for the sound quality we will be uploading live recorded version of the video soon. Please leave your comments and suggestions below.

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