Tribute to Sir Ambar Gurung.

It’s been said by all the audience and live viewers that it’s one of the best live concert shows in Colorado. Organized by Jam Key Jam with the help and support of Rocky Mountain Friends of Nepal, this show was a successful tribute to one of the greatest musician of all time.

Jam key Jam with the help of all the Singers and Musicians presented some of the all time hits of Sir Ambar Gurung. Prabhat Manandhar on Lead Guitar, Anupam Rai on Bass Guitar, Suresh Pradhan on Harmonium and Flute, Basanta Lamsal on Harmonium, Surendra Maharjan on Percussion, Ishan Pradhan on Synth, Manoj Tuladhar and Seema Pokhrel on Rhythm Guitar, Deepak Gautam on effects and Nabin and Bijay Shrestha from Jam key Jam did a wonderful job recreating the music composed and recorded before many of us were even born.

Samjhana Pandey, Neelam Shrestha, Suresh Pradhan, Saroj Dutta, Nirmala Shrestha, Nabin Shrestha, Manoj Tuladhar, Suresh Shrestha, Seema Pokhrel and Basanta Lamsal, with their beautiful voices mesmerized the audience.

Nabin and Bijay from Jam key Jam presented a beautiful instrumental tribute to the Legend. It consisted of some of his all time hits and a Classical Raga on Sitar and Tabla. Classical Music is the favorite genre of Sir Amber Gurung and this presentation was definitely one of the best tribute for the inspiration he had given to so many musicians of all genre.


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